ACR EPIRB Battery Replacement Service  RLB-36 RLB-37 RLB-38 2846/2848 2842/2844 2874/2875
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ACR EPIRB Battery Replacement Service for RLB-36/RLB-37/RLB-38 2846/2848 2842/2844 2874/2875

Price: $279.95  
Model: RLB-36_37_38_battery
Manufacturer: ACR Electronics
Weight: 4.00
Availability: 1 offers battery replacement service for your existing ACR EPIRB


You will send your EPIRB directly to our Authorized ACR repair facility and we will inspect and test the EPIRB for proper operation before any service is performed.  You will be advised if there are any problems before we begin the battery replacement.  We can perform additional repairs if needed for an additional cost. 


After you place an order for this service on our website,  you will receive an email within 24 hours with detailed shipping instructions and a service order number, on how to get your EPIRB to our service center.


Please be sure to include your ACR EPIRB model number at checkout (Add Comments About Your Order) when you place your order, we will need this to process your order.



The battery service includes: a full physical integrity check, pressure test, data transmission test, wet-sense test, weight test, replacement of cap seal and o-rings, installation of the new battery, and disposal of the old battery


Your EPIRB unit will be disassembled and a factory fresh ACR battery will be installed and the unit will be tested once again before return shipping to you.


We are able to service the following ACR EPIRB'S for $279.95. (shipping additional)


ACR 2846 (2846NH), RLB-36 Cat I

ACR 2848 (2848NH) RLB-36 Cat II

 ACR 2874  RLB-38 Cat I

ACR 2875  RLB-38 Cat II

ACR 2842 RLB-37 Cat I

ACR 2844 RLB-37 Cat II

When shipping your EPIRB for battery replacement, please gently remove the antenna by unscrewing at the base and rubber band or tape it to the body of the EPIRB. The antenna will be weighed and examined as part of the battery service, so please be sure to include it 


International agreements dictate that EPIRBs must be programmed for the country under the flag of which a vessel sails or of which the vessel owner is a resident in order to register the beacon with that country's SAR authorities.
If needed, EPIRB programming service is available for NON-US residents or NON-US Flag vessels. (Programing services are available at an additional cost)





 Q. How do I know when the battery is due for replacement?

A. It depends which unit you have, but there is a battery expiration date label on every PLB or EPIRB. Look for “battery needs to be replaced if used or by date shown” on the body of the unit.

 Q. Can I buy a battery from you and replace it myself?

A. No. The battery of any EPIRB or PLB needs to be replaced by an ACR Certified Battery Replacement Center (BRC), where trained technicians will perform this service. The battery cannot be purchased by the end user. This is a life saving device and you need to have the tools, hardware and software to perform a battery replacement. Full functional testing is done on the unit, after the battery is replaced, to make sure that the unit will last another 5 years in the field.

 Q. What will happen if I do not replace the battery every five years?

A. The chances of surviving a life threatening situation is greatly diminished if proper care and maintenance is not given to a beacon.

Q. Do I have to replace the battery if the beacon goes off by mistake and why?

A. Yes, as this is a lifesaving device it should be diligently maintained to perform as specified. For this unit to transmit for the full 24 or 48 hours it will need a new battery as any inadvertent activation will deplete the existing battery.

Q. Why must I replace the beacon’s battery at 5 years when it has an 11 year lifetime?

A. The battery does not have an eleven year “useful” life; it has an eleven year SHELF life. Once you install a battery in an EPIRB or PLB, current is being drawn when you self test the unit during the 5 year “replacement” life. There is also a minute current (in the micro amp range) being drained from the battery, in the “rest state” of an EPIRB or PLB , during the full 5 year period of the battery’s stated life. The battery is guaranteed to last the full specified period of 24 or 48 hours if activated in an emergency, any time during the 5 year replacement life. When the “replacement due date” is past, the activation period of an EPIRB will start to decline and cannot be guaranteed any longer.

ACR EPIRB Battery Replacement Service for  RLB-36/RLB-37/RLB-38 2846/2848 2842/2844 2874/2875

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